Welcome to "Brücke zu den Nationen -Bridge to the Nations"

The “Bridge” is a ministry which reports on the work of God in different nations, connects pastors and leaders from across the world, provides links to guest speakers as well as offering interpreting and preaching/teaching.

As a “bridge” in the body of Christ, our aim is for this home page to draw attention to what God is doing in Germany and other parts of the world and spread access to this through various media links.

(The English version is still partly under construction)

We wish you a blessed time of discovery.

International Ministries / Guestspeakers

Over the past 20 years Karin Detert has opened the door to Germany for many preachers from Latin America. This has involved her accompanying Claudio Freidzon, Carlos Annacondia and Sergio Scataglini(Argentina) as well as Fernando Sosa(Mexico) and others as an interpreter to numerous conferences and services.

Raul& Betty Reyes, Linda Silverman, Johnny Foote
Through the “Bridge” ministry, Karin Detert currently organizes the ministries of pastors Raul& Betty Reyes(La Plata, Argentina), and prophets Johnny Foote(Florida, USA) and Linda Silverman(Texas,USA) among others.

Fatherheart Movement
For the past seven years Karin Detert has been part of the so-called Fatherheart movement (“Vaterherzbewegung” www.vaterherz.org) that was birthed in Germany by pastors Matthias Hofmann and Manfred Lanz. She has also acted as a bridge bringing this movement to other nations and thereby spreading the Father's love.