“Bridge to the Nations”(Brücke zu den Nationen) is a ministry that reports on the work of God in diferent nations, connects pastors and leaders from across the world, places guest speakers as well as ofering interpreting and preaching.

We desire to ....

  • Contribute to the fire of revival spreading among the nations
  • Bring the Father’s love to the nations
  • Set people free to come into their callings

The “Bridge”  ....

  • Reports on the work of the Holy Spirit in various revival places in Latin America and the English-speaking world, picks up key impulses and spreads them.
  • Connects members of the body of Christ beyond the limits of their own churches, cities and nations,
  • linking pastors, leaders and their ministries at an international and national level through relationship building.
  • Places guest speakers, organizes tours and accompanies the speakers in Germany and neighboring countries.
  • Interprets for guest speakers in a number of diferent languages(English, Spanish, French, German).
  • Builds relationships with brothers and sisters from other nations to uncover the treasures and precious things that God has given them and enables others to experience them.
  • Promotes the drawing together of nations in the body of Christ.
  • Inspires believers through the Word of God to lead a lifestyle of revival, enjoyment and devotion.
  • Helps Christians to discover their personal calling.
  • Brings healing and reconciliation to people


Come Holy Spirit


Prayer for revival and a new outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon Germany. "Avivamiento" church in Bogota prayed for our nation on the 2009 Day of Prayer in Berlin, which marked the 100th anniversary of the Berlin Declaration.

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